13 Best Ninja Games & Samurai Games of All Time cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

Ninja Games | Samurai Games | Video games are always better when there’s a katana involved. Here are some of our favorite samurai & ninja games.
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#13 Samurai Warriors 4
Platform: PS3 PS4 PS Vita

#12 Aragami
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE SWITCH Linux

#11 Mark Of The Ninja

#10 Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE

#9 Tenchu
Platform: PS PS2 XBOX XBOX 360 PS Portable Nintendo DS Wii 

#8 Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Linux

#7 Bushido Blade
Platform: PS

#6 Ninja Gaiden Series

#5 Nioh + Nioh 2 [PS4 ONLY] Platform: PC PS4

#4 Onimusha
Platform: PC PS2 PS3 XBOX PS4 XBOX ONE Switch 

#3 Way Of The Samurai
Platform: PS2 PS Portable

#2 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

#1 Ghost Of Tsushima
Platform: PS4 

The Mystical Ninja

Genji: Dawn Of The Samurai 

For HonorPC

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Platform: XBOX 360 PC PS3
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31 thoughts on “13 Best Ninja Games & Samurai Games of All Time Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. Miles Kortje says:

    What about Aragami 2??!!

    edit I just realized, this says 2 years ago, not 2 weeks ago. Aragami 2 was not out yet. My bad…

  2. Celso Leonardo Pereira says:




    Way of Samurai

    All the others are horrible and generic and I'm still not sure which is better Sekiro or Tenchu

  3. Victor Gomez says:

    Wow, seriously left out one of the most iconic icons who kicked off this genre, Shinobi!
    Shinobi 3 still holds up as one of the best 2D ninja run and bade ninja games to date. Shinobi on PS2 plays unlike anything before and after, much for its TATE system. That game conveys the run and agile feel to a great level… You got Samurai games and fighting games on here SMH

    Also its not "TenKU" its "Tenchoo" Do you actually play games for just good behind a mic??

  4. dannooooooo says:

    Gameranx, come on. You talk about way of the samurai and only recommend the one that came out on ps2. Lol. Dudes, the last 2 entries , 3 & 4, are on pc. And they have way more than 6 endings. 3 has 22, and I think 4 has around 40. They are my #1 games to go to if I wanna RP a samurai, even over Ghost of Tsushima, which I do love, but its not nearly as open ended as wots, which can pretty much rp what ever samurai film I just watched

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