800 Arcade Games on 1 USB and Legends Ultimate Animated Pixelcade Marquee Update ! cùng tải và chơi game bài miễn phí với Tải game hay nhất.

CoinopsX USB for Legends Ultimate Arcade is Addon games see game list 10:45 and Pixelcade Marquee see below… Note- This video is a Demonstration for informational purposes only.
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“Atgames Legends Ultimate Arcade”
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49 thoughts on “800 Arcade Games on 1 USB and Legends Ultimate Animated Pixelcade Marquee Update ! Game Bài Miễn Phí

  1. TampaTec says:

    11:15 check out coin-ops x USB game list, this is available online for free but others are selling it too, I don't promote either because pirated games are not legal.
    update: pixelcade needs a 6ft cable to hub for better connectivity.

  2. Fk Google says:

    I bought something called The Arcade Box but when I plug it in my ALU it searches for a controller. I even plugged in a usb to usb but still no luck.

  3. EQOAnostalgia says:

    Can you plug a raspberry pi 4 under the control deck like that? I want to get one of these and run a virtualmans front end on retropi but i don't want a pi4 resting on my control deck lol. Would look like poo. I would rather fasten the pi 4 under the control deck or if i MUST, along the side panel. Is this feasible?

  4. Thomas Labelle says:

    I was debating if I was going to get one of these for the man cave but after watching this you obviously made it a no brainer when I saw you pull out the gun 😂 Duck hunt is such an iconic game.

  5. Troy Sterk says:

    How do you open a coinops usb. I’d like to move it to a larger one but windows 10 doesn’t see it. Can you point me to the right video?

  6. Adam Law says:

    Im super new, you look like you know your stuff. Having issues connecting bluetooth, my settings looks differnt. Watched cooltoys video ,I have the 2nd version from Sams club. Help !!!

  7. Atrévete a lo Nuevo says:

    Hello from Orlando TampaTec. After loading the games on the USB, do they get saved on the arcade or do we have to plug it every time we play? Looks amazing

  8. BlackOverBlueSkies says:

    You can spend the money on a pre-loaded usb OR support the community on reddit. look up fansofsauce, they have all the consoles and its free

  9. D E says:

    Very cool. Good video. You certainly know your stuff. I was collecting Mame in its first editions, so home retro gaming has come a long way! The Legends system really seems the best.

  10. wishiwasarockstr says:

    Hey Tampa tec, do you think you can do a quick video of the in game settings on this please. I bought the same 800 game usb for my ALU , and love it. But when I press the menu button to bring up the settings, it has advanced settings which is basically like the mame settings . I don’t want to mess something up , so I’m scared to scroll through there. But would love if you know how to adjust settings in that menu , a quick video would be awesome man! Thanks, or if you know of someone posting a video already on YouTube could you point me in the right direction.

  11. Leto Atriedes says:

    Like all these home arcades. No one talks about the accuracy of the emulation – what CPU / GPU lurks under there anyway? What emulator is it using? A custom version on MAME i assume? Does it even offer HLSL? If the games don't run flawless the whole thing is a waste of time and money.

  12. Leto Atriedes says:

    How may of these games run at bespoke refresh rates? If that thing has a 60hz display the majority of those arcade games will never run correctly. These things NEED variable refresh rate displays that lock to the particular refresh rate of that game.

  13. Al Evcimen says:

    I tried to download the latest 5.0 firmware and it wouldn’t let me so I tried their support team and they said to do a factory reset.
    They said to use a pin and hold down 2 buttons. Won’t a pin damage the unit?

  14. Robert TERRELL says:

    Let show how to get a pc running hyperspin with controls working with the atgames unit retaining all original functionality.

  15. Kenneth Guajardo says:

    TempaTec you are promoting a product that is STOLEN work from the community!!! This pack is offered free of charge to the community. The build was made by fans for the fans. Someone is selling this and profiting from all of those contributors.

  16. oBIGTo says:

    You paid for a USB drive with free games? That’s crazy, you could have done that yourself! I have 1,300 games on mine, just download coinops, and use the the files to create your own with your own UCE’s.

  17. Darth Octane says:

    Interesting the V1 pack some people worked very hard on had 800 games on it too. Yet another person making money off the hard work of others. Took me about an hour to build mine. Didn't cost me $65. FYI the 800 game pack is already outdated and there is a much better pack out there for the same price of free. Do 10 minutes of research.

  18. Dragon940 Carp says:

    I had trouble with Donky Kong Remix too. I actually got coin-ops working on my original Xbox machine but had to do a hard drive upgrade first to fit it on there.

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