BEST GACHA GAMES 2022 SO FAR cùng tải và chơi game mobile miễn phí với Tải game mới ra.

Ranking the #best #gacha #games out in 2022 so far so if you enjoy the video, please leave a like and if you haven’t yet, subscribe! 🙂

Best Gaming Phone 2022
Asus ROG 5
Nubia Red Magic 5S
Black Shark 3
Best Gaming Tablet 2022
Ipad Pro 2021
Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Best Controllers 2022
Steelseries Stratus Duo
Backbone One
8bitdo Pro 2

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26 thoughts on “BEST GACHA GAMES 2022 SO FAR Game Mobile Hay Nhất

  1. kyc001323 says:

    Eroica looks weird. the 3D model like blurred heavily…
    counter side is sooo dam boring when you grind for long. It is great and interesting for the first week when you start this game.

  2. Jose Tejeda says:

    I was so hoping to play Octopath 🙁 I hate the graphics so I played it for a few mins only…. I REALLY love Another Eden, but I lost my phone and didnt have my account saved (Silly me) so I refuse to play the game again from lvl 1, I was already in the end game, and I am looking for a game similar.. Octopath is it, but the graphs sucks

  3. Fate Riddle says:

    Man, your rankings and recommendations are legit. Instant subscription. But I doubt your top 10 list style video will draw a large group of loyal audience.

  4. Cpt. Duck says:

    Eroica is good even tho it looks like cheap version of Epic Seven.. but the poor perfomance kinda suck for mid-low phone just like Tower of Fantasy & Alice Fiction (but Alice Fiction & Eroica still understandable & playable bcuz its not real time combat, but turn-based)

    In the other hand Ni No Kuni CW has better performance than Eroica and Tower of Fantasy.. i've tried all of them from Samsung A31 with 8GB RAM..

    For me number one and two either Epic Seven or Another Eden since Octopath Traveler is not global yet so Another Eden replace it, and Epic Seven will do New BIG Collab Event with Full Metal Alchemist that most likely will give player FREE character from Full Metal Alchemist collab just by doing the event quest…..

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