BRAND NEW 2021 TOKYO GHOUL GAME…. ITS JUST LIKE MHA:THE STRONGEST HERO cùng tải và chơi game mobile miễn phí với Tải game mới ra.

Well this suprised me
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Cảm ơn anh em đã xem bài viết BRAND NEW 2021 TOKYO GHOUL GAME…. ITS JUST LIKE MHA:THE STRONGEST HERO của Hy vọng bài viết giúp anh em có thể chơi Game Mobile miễn phí và thoải mái nhất.
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  1. Jasper Nieto says:

    if your looking to get a tokyo ghoul game and interested on getting this game i would recommend not getting this game beacuse its preety bad instead just get tokyo ghoul RE call to exist me and many people thing its the best tokyo game ever it also has character customization and can get your own random kagune you can choose the type of it like kakuja or ukaku like that also it got multiplayer

  2. Davi Lemes says:

    hi i'm new here on your channel but can you answer me something i'm a tokyo ghoul fanatic and i really want to play the new tokyo ghoul game do you have information about the game when it will be released or maybe news when it can come back for please tell me

  3. Noah Sanchez says:

    bruh the game play is so bad. Ya its unique but unique isn't always better. The only good tg game iv seen in rebirth but thats shut down. I miss it. I hope the devs make the game play better because this is not it fam. Iv been waiting for a tg game to come out so if this is how the game is gonna be im gonna be sad. It has potential. Also not gonna lie the summon animation is kinda boring

  4. Direkt_Xero_Gaming says:

    I bet this will shut down after a few months or probably just one month like its 4 mobile tokyo ghoul predecessors, Tokyo ghoul re invoke, TG Dark war, TG Carnaval and TG re birth. Where it all got taken out sooner than what other people initially thought. That’s why you don’t spend money on online pc games and online mobile games, those games don’t have a year or yearly life plans. Just play offline story mode games that focuses on no online play .Plus people make mods for those offline story or offline local coop games if the companies shutdown at some point for reasons.

  5. Octo DADDY says:

    It's just nier reincarnation but top down, it's not the best gameplay but since your controlling multiple characters at the same time they had to do stuff like auto basic attacks and you control the skills. It's like a gacha RTS.

  6. Alyah Dixon says:

    we lowkey need a game where we could make our only characters , & our powers are random , with free roam . these companies would get so much money for that type of game😭

  7. LazyFree says:

    Honestly the only thing I don’t like is the whole basic attack thing😭 They should either go full auto or like add a a friggen basic attack button🤌🏽 But Tokyo ghoul games are basically extinct and low key need a confidence boost to invest more into a game😬

  8. Phoenix says:

    the ui in the dialogue is just like persona 5 especially when youre picking what to say, and theres persona music(don't know if that was just the editing but still)

  9. Physics Simulator says:

    Game mechanics may be kinda bad, but I’m glad that we got a Tokyo Ghoul gacha. Hopefully it does well in Japan so it can come to global.

  10. TrapLord Gianni says:

    No fucking wayyy let's go I'm a tokyo ghoul youtuber especially for re Call to exist so seeing this is a must for me !! Where can I download?

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