Genshin Impact Coming to Epic Games Store! (FREE PRIMOGEMS GIFT CODE INSIDE) cùng tải và chơi game bài miễn phí với Tải game hay nhất.

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The video is about Genshin Impact entering the Epic Games Store. Despite having a dedicated launcher, entering Epic Games Store does have it’s advantages both for player and Mihoyo. For Mihoyo, Genshin will be available to a wider range of platforms while getting only a 12% sale cut, unlike Steam with it’s 30% cut. For players, Epic supports payment for various currencies as well as many alternative payment methods. Still, many players didn’t like Genshin entering Epic as they thought it opens an opportunity for a collaboration with Fortnite. They don’t want Fortnite’s fans, which they deemed to have an undesirable attitude, to enter Genshin Impact.
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49 thoughts on “Genshin Impact Coming to Epic Games Store! (FREE PRIMOGEMS GIFT CODE INSIDE) Game Bài Miễn Phí

  1. Lord Volkner says:

    The game is free and you can download it, but you can't play it. You have to create an account, but the link to do that takes you to a blank page. YOU CAN NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT, so don't waste your internet downloading this game.

  2. CLAVIN ZKL says:

    all them retards commenting that they will quit genshin if it gets a fortnite collab can go back where they came from nobody cares.

    imagine quiting a game u like just cause it got a collab that potentially makes it better smh

  3. Elvira DemonQueen says:

    i still wont support antiConsumer EPIC sooo i stick with Genshin own Launcer + its not that hard too its same thing i use for FInal fantasy 14 dont own it on steam i just buy it all from there own store

  4. Bloodlust says:

    "Oh no, kids from Fortnite might start playing this game that doesn't even force me to play with anyone! im gunna quit." That's the real cringe right there…

  5. Vina says:

    Lol why are people so mad about it? It's just a collab, fortnite does many of those and it's just exciting for people that play both of these games like I do. There are on both games children and older people playing so that's not gonna ruin genshin in anyway (also yes I'm 21 and play fortnite with my older friends because we just enjoy the game)

  6. Akira Sakura says:

    I don't know anything about epic store so i don't mind but if mihoyo really do things like diluc or any characters doing floss dance and any weird thing, imma stop playing because it is annoying.

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