Giving Mobile Legends: Adventure a Second Chance cùng tải và chơi game mobile miễn phí với Tải game mới ra.

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A Licensed Game Based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! You don’t want to miss out on this official sequel!
Let’s open a new chapter for the adventure on the Land of Dawn!

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a unique IDLE RPG game with a giant world map and exclusive hero stories, as well as relaxing gameplay. You can get great resources even when you are offline!

1. Carefree Idle Gameplay
Idle and battle to get great resources! Carefree upgrades & Relaxing Gameplay
Deploy your squad and heroes will battle for you automatically! Idle to get rewards!
Spend 10 minutes a day and you can join this fantastic adventure!

2. Abundant Strategies to Choose from
Mobile Legends: Adventure offers tens of Heroes of 6 different Powers. Show us your unique line-up and strategy!
Collect and upgrade Emblems and Equipment, suit up and power up!
You can enjoy this game with just a few taps!

3. Endless Stages to Challenge
Campaign, Labyrinth, Tower of Babel…All kinds of battles are waiting for you!
Collect, develop and battle! Power up to challenge stronger Bosses!

4. Challenge Players from Around the Globe
Enter the Arena to challenge other players!
Create a Guild with your friends and challenge Guild Boss together!

5. Unlock the Legend
Start the adventure on the Land of Dawn with Layla, reveal the little-known truth of the history and witness the Eternal War of Light and Darkness!

6. A Licensed Game Based off MLBB
Mobile Legends: Adventure is the official sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
Elaborately reworked Heroes will bring you a different experience in this new Idle game!
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49 thoughts on “Giving Mobile Legends: Adventure a Second Chance Game Mobile Hay Nhất

  1. David Valle says:

    The games good! But you need to spend money or play for years to get mid-tier I’ve spent around $800 and I’m still garbage compared to other ppl who clearly are better off. To continue to progress in the game, the game demands you to rank up a lot of heroes ( the game doesn’t tell you this, until you start getting your team really high up. ) once you think you can really do good with the team you invested on, the game locks you from progression ( leveling YOUR Hero’s ) the only way to get stronger is to rank up other hero’s. I’m not proud of how much I spent, had I known this when I started playing I would have just deleted the app immediately.

  2. Zan炎 says:

    You should keep playing even tho this game are slow in progression if you're f2p….but for me this are the most f2p friendly idle game….you needn't bother about buying the packs….also the character artworks are top notch….love it

  3. silver fenrir says:

    at first i didnt expect much from this since its literally from moonton and theyre known for being a greedy company with a very low creativity, but im surprised this is actually pretty good, tho there are still some things that are locked on a paywall but can still be enjoyable, MLA is better than its moba counterpart which is MLBB.

  4. ArcumSpice says:

    I know you don't really prematurely cover games that aren't globally released; but maybe check out a game called Reverse 1999. It looks extremely promising. It's already voiced in English despite being a Chinese release. So it feels like a matter of time~

  5. KILA KID says:

    I really only play two mobile games E7 and CRK I like mobile games I can halfass play while I’m watching something or playing R6 siege

  6. Dwyll says:

    i think the reason FG only seeing idle games or fewer releases because he is playing too much idle game that it end up being the recommended games in his playstore, cause i can see new gatcha games but outside his radar 🤣🤔

  7. Indian Chad says:

    I know it's mainly copy paste from their other game mobile legends bang bang. Almost every hero and skins but props to them. Too bad it is banned in India so have to download from other sources.

  8. zendroid says:

    Oh Tinted Mirage is a special campaign mode centred on the new hero (right now it's Esmeralda). It has its own level-up system, equipment you use, and yields rewards you can't get through other modes. Lasts about 30-ish days and it's not newbie-friendly as you're in advantage the more you've build your hero (Orlay cars, Soul Vessel, etc.) You might also need specific heroes a new account might lack.

  9. zendroid says:

    It's more generous than other gachas (or less stingy, for some people) and you can even build Order/Chaos heroes as F2P. One thing I dislike is the Sanctuary. I've been spoiled by Mythic Heroes! At one point you can only unlock more slots by buying them and the max slots you can get from playing is like… 46. The game now has 72 heroes, I think. And we get 2 new heroes every two months.

  10. Maiina says:

    the more you progress through the campaign the more features you unlock as well as get VIP exp (after a month f2p, my new account is vip6)
    Tinted Mirage is for the new character Esmeralda, you get a free copy + it's a whole separate mode with a different lvl system

  11. Andrias Lee says:

    Dx2 is celebrating there 4 year anniversary, you get 1 free multi pull a day for 10 days, plus ah new game feature, well atleast its new to me.

  12. antagonizing potato says:

    Play these games for a week and then delete immediately, then rinse and repeat, waiting till my pc arrives then I’ll be set free from this vicious cycle.

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