How to Benchmark YOUR Gaming PC 2020 – MSI Afterburner + Riva Tuner cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

We love using MSI afterburner + Riva tuner to get detailed stats when we benchmark our gaming PCs. If you are looking to test your PC or get into the tech YouTube game, this is a vital tip to test your PC’s.

Download MSI Afterburner –
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43 thoughts on “How to Benchmark YOUR Gaming PC 2020 – MSI Afterburner + Riva Tuner Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. That Sick Bastard says:

    I don't get it how you save profiles… i mean, if you are benchmarking a new pc and have to install MSI Afterburner to do so, do you have to manually setup the properties each time??

  2. lurtzy says:

    you didnt even show how to make it appear in the game, you need to go into Riva Tuner, then on the bottom left corner press add and add the .exe file of the game you want.

  3. Ethan Carpenter says:

    I started trying out some benchmarks the other day (I wanted to make a video comparing my current build with my new Case/Cooler/etc, I've been watching a ton of Dawid's videos and just felt inspired).

    I'm running an Asus Turbo 3070, and a Ryzen 3900x, but I was getting some heavy frame drops in multiplayer games (which I can understand), but I even had some bad pop In with GTA V and things of that sort.

    only thing I can think of that would cause issues could be I am running a 144hz monitor with Freesync (HP Omen i think), and maybe the 144hz is being weird? Maybe limit my monitor to 120hz and disable freesync?

  4. TireSlayer0331 says:

    This was all great information and very helpful. It was a very serious video up until “squirt4jesus710” killed you during the gameplay footage! 😂

  5. z Frxsty says:

    literally pressing the button that ive set to toggle on screen and nothing is popping us also why say u will try your best to reply to comment but havent replyed to anyone yet

  6. BenjiDWJ says:

    An awesome tutorial and video, Matt.😄👍👍

    Just out of curiosity, could you leave a pinned comment of the exact colour/hex codes that you use when benchmarking, please? 😄🙏

    Cheers to you, my man!🍻

  7. QuavyGuy says:

    hi i got rtx 3060 ti and it only usage is 12 percent and my cpu is on 60 i have i7 9700 f why it do this ?? it gives me low fps

  8. Limesurge Gaming says:

    I just got a pc from that recycle company you recommend and I’m going to add a 1650 to it. I’ll probably try to benchmark my games whenever I get my graphics card here.

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