PC Games VS Mobile Games cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

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PC Games VS Mobile Games


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An Animation By AyusAnimation
PC Games VS Mobile Games
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• Arc North – Never Gonna

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• Jazz Comedy – Bensound
• Everybody put you hands in the air (EDM – FASSounds)
• [No Copyright Music] Dreams – Joakim Karud
• [No Copyright Music] Journey – Delcan DP
• Kevin MacLeod ~ Manic Polka
• Kevin MacLoed ~ Who Likes To Party!
• Back And Forth – Silent Partner (No Copyright Music)
• Pomade – Silent Partner (No Copyright Music)
• You’re No Help – Silent Partner (No Copyright Music)
• Dog Park – Silent Partner (No Copyright Music)
• [Royalty Free Music] Raindrop – Declan DP
• Kevin MacLeod ~ Movement Preposition
• Kevin MacLeod ~ Rains will Fall
• Let Her In – Silent Partner (No Copyright Music)
• Jazz_Apricot
• Fredji – Happy Life
• TheFatRat & Slaydit – Solitude


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48 thoughts on “PC Games VS Mobile Games Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. Bunny X says:

    When you have a PC but prefer gaming on your phone because it is more comfortable….I'm I a PC gamer because I have games on my PC or a mobile gamer because I play games on my phone?

  2. Charlesarvinplayz says:

    pros: most games are free
    cons: u need to charge it
    pros: not requiring to charge it
    cons:not portable and can't us during a blackout

  3. Sabrina Radu says:

    Ayus mom: unplugs router
    Ayus: keeps playing
    Ayus:You forget about the mobile data
    Ayus mom:oh shit

  4. Rillex_Char says:

    No one’s that addicted to hold their pee for 6 hours straight. Like do it when you die or when you wait for the game to start.

  5. Ali Malik H2A says:

    You can download a lot of games for free on PC
    Am not talking about Roblox even though I play it but still you can play a lot of games

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