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00:00 Battle Pass Characters
00:47 Lucky Draw Characters
01:57 Crate Characters
02:06 Lucky Box Characters
02:40 Bundle Characters
02:52 Daily Login, Ranked, Clan War & Free Event Characters

Credits – @FOR4ST3RO 🔔

Moonlit Dagger Draw Legendary SKS Luminary Sparrowhawk Zero Day Draw KN 44 Mystic Fox Kitsune Kyubi Reaper Ashura Redux Legendary Reaper Ashura M4LMG Salamander Season 8 Battle Pass Characters Doublewing Draw QQ9 Albatross Kestrel Lead Sandwich Lucky Box Crash Shaman M13 Vegan Warrior SAC 2045 Mythic Drop Mythic Switchblade X9 Neon Legend Motoko Ghost Season 7 Battle Pass Maxed Mythic Switchblade X9 Neon Legend Motoko GHOST ATV Tachikoma Batou ASM10 Red Shadow Hidora Kai Shogun QQ9 Albatross Kestrel Reaper Ashura Redux KN44 Mystic Fox Kitsune Kyubi SKS Luminary Sparrowhawk Violent End Lucky Box Hunter Revenge Slasher Flick Lucky Box Beck Zirkusclown Chilled Touch Bon Odari Crate Recon Otherworldly Crate Lead Sandwitch Crash Shaman Season 7 Lucky Draws Season 7 Crates Season 7 Bundles Motoko Batou Blackjack Elite Stryker Interface Battery EVE-III Kitsune Danger Drop Draw Legendary KRM Glorious Blaze Kryptis Skys Fury Magma Eruption Redux Mythic Peacekeeper MK2 Artifact Firebreak Magmageddon Gilded Glaive Draw KSP45 Divinity Stitch Carbon Sentinel Krig 6 ZRG 20mm Sniper Butterfly Knife Switchblade AK117 Bai Yuekui Air Machina Draw Legendary Alias Roboticist L-CAR9 Industrial Pulverizer M13 Liminal Flare Heaven’s Lance Draw Nyx Dragoon Alias Robocist Air Machina Draw LCAR9 Industrial Pulverizer KSP-45 Divinity Gilded Glaive Draw Stich Carbon Sentinel KRM 262 Glorious Blaze Danger Drop Draw Kryptis Sky’s Fury LK24 Drop Shock Hellbound Draw Nikto Devils Legion Thermal Core Draw M4 Thermal Shroud RPD Yellow Jacket Portnova Killer Bee Mythic Peacekeeper Redux Peacekeeper MK2 Artifact Magma Eruption Mythic Drop Redux Chaos & Order Mythic Drop Mythic Oden Divine Smite Prophet Arbiter Crossfade Draw DL Q33 Bass Booster Siren Synthesia Season 5 For You Draws For You Lucky Draws For You Crates Season 5 Battle Pass Trophical Vision Wasteland Draw CR 56 AMAX Feral Tusk Minotaur Mongrel Lord M13 Fearless DL Q Bass Booster KRM 262 Ejector RPD Yellow Jacket PDW57 Battallion LK24 ChaiLao KSP 45 L-CAR 9 Crown of Kings Draw Phantom Osiris Kali Sticks Sand Scepters Warhead Wasteland Draw Skirmisher Draw MX9 Exostatic FTL Marauder Total Body Draw Legendary AK117 Dazzling Rhythm Portnova Fitness Instructor Minotaur Mongrel Lord CR56 AMAX Feral Tusk Koshka Wundergewehr SO-KEN Draw Total Body Draw Prototype Draw HBRa3 Rictus Arc Cipher Rocket Salvo Crate Rodion Red Death Season 2 For You Draws For You Lucky Draws CBR4 Danger Close Seraph Loose Cannon AS VAL Steel Fusion Ajax Breacher Heartstopper Crate Domino Licorne Chopper Be So Lovely Forge Steel Redux Legendary Mace Final Guard Renetti Metal Phantom Deadly Game Draw legendary QXR Burnt Bone Cassius Badland Seeker QXR Fossil Fire Fear and Embers Crate Zane Panzer Type 25 Cindersmoke Year of the Tiger Draw Arctic 50 Zodiac Beast Urban Tracker Pale Prowler Year of the Tiger Draw Urban Tracker Pale Prowler Arctic 50 Zodiac Beast Mythic Kilo 141 Demonsong Rock and Requiem Mythic Drop Price PPsh 41 Scorch Kilo 141 Demonsong Dame Shot Caller Urban Tracker Pale Prowler Fennec Venom Coil Kryptis Dominion Mythic M13 Morningstar Ghost Azrael Draw Antelope Dame Usurper Futuristic Retro Bundle Ignition Point Draw Legendary Helicopter Odinsong Draw AK117 Aesir Ruin Red Action Season 8 FOR YOU Draws Battle Pass MX9 Heartless Cassius Reaper Ashura Abyssal State Mythic Drop Mythic Rytek AMR Nautilus Draw Siren Hydrodynamic Manta Ray Ghost Retribution Locus Neptune Ghost Retribution Dark Gunman Mythic Drop Holger 26 Dark Frontier Rosa Sand Vulture Roze Virago Urban Tracker Event In Garena Free CP Event Epic Paper Ox AK47 Dark Gunman Mythic Drop Type 25 Steel Blue Witch Doctor Beta
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Cảm ơn anh em đã xem bài viết SEASON 8 LEAKS | All Free, Lucky Draw, Crate, & Bundle Characters Skins | COD Mobile | CODM của Hy vọng bài viết giúp anh em có thể chơi Game Bài Miễn Phí và thoải mái nhất.
Bạn đang xem SEASON 8 LEAKS | All Free, Lucky Draw, Crate, & Bundle Characters Skins | COD Mobile | CODM 27575 979
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41 thoughts on “SEASON 8 LEAKS | All Free, Lucky Draw, Crate, & Bundle Characters Skins | COD Mobile | CODM Game Bài Miễn Phí

  1. Anonymous Agent says:


  2. Jose Piedrahita says:

    Not bad, but be organized, title every character that comes in Battle pass, the ones that come in missions and the ones that comes in loot boxes and so on. Aside from that good video

  3. reGECKted🎮 says:

    This season until next year is not for me. After 9 months using my phone (poco x3 pro) on CODM with HD graphics enable and realtime shadows enable. My device just died. it wont boot or charge anymore. Glad i only purchased it for almost $250 but the whole money i've spent on the game since october 2019 is almost $1000 now ( i upgraded recently my switch blade into level 4).

  4. SHIVA says:

    I am only interested in woods guilded agent skin, Just look at him, Nice golden suit and golden glasses with perfect beard style, Man I have to buy this. It's by far the best epic skin.

  5. MDK-06vf-H Viper II says:

    It's at least good to see character skins with prevalently green patterns, like the ones in the end.. Hard to match cool green-colored backpacks with most of the existing ones around!

  6. Nightcore Saga says:

    Sad to say the Hype from the current BP season , overshadow the next BP seasons theme. They go to the clean design for next but so clean that details are just a piece of shit.

  7. Prince Mohandas says:

    Capo thanks for the video man..

    Can you please make a video regarding the dates of the draws.. just want to know when as val is coming…

    Also is there a glitch on the rytec mythic ?? cause when clicked on the draw it leads to a different draw.

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