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We finally have some FAA news regarding SpaceX Starship FAA News and Updates. Lots of updates to share around Starbase, NASA’s Artemis program and new detail shared on the plan for SpaceX’s human landing system mission. Sadly, some much more concerning news regarding Russia Anti-Sat Weapon Test making an intentional and… well… frankly extremely irresponsible mess in low Earth Orbit. And we have another terrific flight by RocketLab and their Electron Booster Recovery. This one has a few little surprises to share.

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36 thoughts on “SpaceX Starship FAA News, Russia Anti-Sat Weapon Test, Electron Booster Recovery Game Giải Đố

  1. Marcus House says:

    The Astra launch happened just after the video was uploaded. They made it to orbit too. Congrats Astra!
    Also, correction at 9:00 – It's 52 years not 49 when it launches in 2024.

  2. Jason Williams says:

    Thanks Marcus, picked up the Brendan Lewis Shirt (x2). Appreciate the time and effort with every video, always looking forward to the next weekly update.

  3. François MengWan says:

    Testing a missile that shoots down nukes the US wants to put on orbit is indeed totally irresponsible 😂😂😂
    Then a big debris like a TESLA roadster in orbit is not dangerous at all and hugely useful 🤔

  4. STEVEN WORTON says:

    L wish China all the best for the race to put people on mars and beyond.
    As for the FAA Elon Musk has said that FAA is out dated news to move forward to to catch up with technology.
    You only have to look at NASA to see how much money they waste compared to SpaceX.
    SpaceX is a non-profit company in the research business to save mankind to push our knowledge for outer space and beyond with the winter paste that China is going the FAA need to employ more people or just get out of the way

  5. Luzia Pestana says:

    Congratulations to all. I like videos and development of Starship. I am islander and when a boy, everybody cames to outside home, to see a plane. Cheers fr Madeira island. Ivo Pestana

  6. Anthony Barbuto says:

    Nasa waste and incompetence!!!!!!!…. If nasa had used Dr zubrin s mars direct plan we would be on mars by now. Nasa is part of the incompetent…….think shuttle to no where and international space station…….both programs over budget and built way past their schedules…….and corrupt govt……think Clinton and Biden mafias!…. The sls and proposed gateway………not needed at all,……..are just pork barrel projects for nasa to pay off the legacy rocket builders! If u want us to get off this planet tell your legislators we need a mars direct plan………read Dr zubrin s book, the case for mars…….and not the abortion contrived by nasa…..witness the failure of the sls!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lynn Geek says:

    How long will the FAA & NASA delay? Long enough for Boeing and the SLS to get back in the game. That Boeing has wasted so much money not producing a working capsule doesn't seem to faze NASA. After all, it's not their money. It's yours they are wasting by playing favorites to Cost+Plus buildings who still believe in throwing everything away after each launch.

  8. Mike Dabrowski says:

    How about HLS redocks with the fuel depot. It could use its engines to help keep both objects in orbit. Dragon docks itself with ISS, see no reason why HLS couldn't dock autonomously as well.
    Just don't know how fuel depot has to dock with future Starships for fuel transfer & have HLS docked at same time.
    Pretty sure Elon won't simply dispose of either.

  9. ExiledGypsy says:

    This just confirms how much of this space stuff is hype. The only sensible way is to 1st concentrate on developing a nuclear space engine. All these plans for refuelling in space are waste of time.
    Kessler syndrome might be a blessing in disguise. What happened to all the cleaning up technologies? It is the same story as on earth, isn't it? Sustainability is a pain that no one wants to think about it until it is too late.


    $16 BILLION – for just the first 4 launches to the moon – How about that we fix our planet, eradicate poverty and make sure we can feed everyone.
    But NO…Screw the poor people and the planet, let's spend more money than humans have ever spent before….on exploration, when there are more pressing problems we need to address.
    Ever get the feeling there is an agenda that most of the people on Earth are not apart of? Well you should, because emperor Musk has a vision and your not invited suckers.

  11. Thefreakyfreek says:

    so Orion on a big waistful rocket wil deposit 4 astronauts to a starship capable of landing a lt more but wil only land 2 of them it wil sound empty in there
    von brown must be crying by now
    space x on themselves is better of starting there own lunar program alongside the nasa one

  12. Gig27 says:

    I was thinking a bit about your joke that SpaceX is developing its Starship so fast because they want to catch up before space is blocked by scrap metal. Even if Russia acted irresponsibly, it does not mean that SpaceX is free. If Starship can drastically reduce the cost of transporting goods to space, it can mean more traffic in space and more risk of collisions. So the rules of space should apply to both states and companies.

  13. matej pavelka says:

    3 days after the video release and there are still no dislikes, which just shows the quality of the video and channel itself, nice work there, keep it up

  14. Marc Turansky says:

    Marcus – love the channel, never miss a show, thank you for this. Question. Given Starship and the booster will be as large as they are, larger than the Saturn V, etc., how is it going to be necessary for a lunar mission for it to need to dock and refuel?

  15. Mike Boersma says:

    We need to focus on a way to collect space junk turn it toward a defined re entry and have it burn up and finally clean up all the junk. This before we have stray pieces take out viable satellites. Funding should come from NASA

  16. Rasmus Kukk says:

    Marcus You shoud point out that sponsors of your video is not actualli Brilliant but Elon and Tesla , no need to longer hide it.

    I was enjoing Marcus House videos years ago when he uploaded material from KSP and massive orbital builds… now he is more or less become a Elon's personal agent. Sad

  17. Cezar Cretu says:

    @marcus, this channel is getting more and more about monetizing space news than actual space news. I get it, it supports what you're doing but nearly a quarter of your video is about selling stuff that I don't need/want. Maybe just put it at the end of the video for who's into that?

  18. Grimbles says:

    People said Starship would reach orbit earlier this year. I semi-sarcastically stated they meant 2022, and got called a hater. Look who's right, lmao. <<< uh huh

  19. Joel Hageman says:

    A major, valley-filling roar is what it will be. Seeing the horizon shake while 15 miles away. Boom. Pretty big and thundering vehicle.

  20. Jason Snyder says:

    I think the subject of what it is going to take to maintain cryogenic propellant as in LOX / liquid CH4 in space is going to need to be revisited to really understand what has to happen here. Elon Musk stated a while back that it is "easy enough" to do. Now he is saying he needs a specially insulated Starship to hold propellant long enough to transfer to HLS Starship. However HLS Starship will need the capability to sit on the Lunar surface for months at a time and then be able to lift back off with cryogenic propellant originally loaded into its tanks way back when it was sitting in LEO. An interesting thing about being in space is you don't lose heat through convection with air because there is no air. It is more of a game of reflecting away solar radiation so the tanks don't get too warm. The question is what is this insulation Elon Musk is talking about? Does tanker Starship really need to be built more like a tank farm tank so that the outer shell can get hot without transferring the heat to the inner tank or is this more thinly walled with a heat shield / reflector facing the Sun? Then what is HLS Starship really going to look like and how heavy will it end up being in order to not lose its propellant to boil off too quickly? Then will these longer duration space flight Starships have condensers to re-cool propellant that has boiled off so they don't have to vent it into space to keep the pressure in the tanks from getting too high and rupturing?

    While Elon Musk probably doesn't want to give away too much, something to consider about Raptor 2 is it is well beyond any other engine ever made in many ways. At a certain point you just can't beet back physics any more to make a better chemical engine as the laws of physics do not bend; only the design can change to get ever so much closer to what is possible and there is a real limit to what is possible. Kind of like an online paper airplane game where people keep managing to get the paper airplane just a little bit further after playing the game all day and then someone gets a new high score well beyond anybody else and it turns out they manipulated their score when it was submitted to the server with the HTML Tamper Data plugin. I mean for Elon Musk to do what he wants to do and what it may actually take to have a thermally insulated and heat shielded rocket to land on Mars, he can't do the HTML Tamper Data plugin trick to make a better LOX/ liquid CH4 engine. I think this is the first hint of a much different approach to landing on Mars.

    Personally, I am thinking what it is going to take to effectively go to Mars are dedicated transfer ships using non chemical propulsion for the bulk of the delta-V. Then it will take task based ships both to get stuff into LEO, which will be more along the lines of what we have seen so far out of Elon Musk and SpaceX, and task based ships to go from the transfer ships and onto the Martian surface, which will deviate further from the designs we have seen so far as they will be optimized for their designated Mars tasks, which is a much different environment. Transfer ships can use other propulsion means such as nuclear thermal NTP, especially for reusable boosters to help get out of LEO and nuclear electric ion / plasma propulsion. Especially for a cargo hauler, you want something really mass efficient like advanced nuclear electric. The transfer ships can have large, well insulated tanks to hold chemical propellant used where it must be used, such as landing on the Martian surface with task focused landers and even taking back off again from the surface. (The landers take off while the transfer ships stay in space.) You also want different engines for landing on Mars because you are working with 1/3rd the gravity and Earth optimized engines will produce too much thrust. If anything the engine design will trend back to ISP optimized from the thrust optimizing SpaceX is doing now for their Earth launch optimized engines. A one way lander may be mostly cargo space with rather small propellant tanks, basically no thermal insulation, and smallish engines to produce breaking and landing thrust as no ascent is needed. Another task focused Mars lander may be designed to sit on the surface for a week or more, get loaded up with stuff such as engines from the one way landers or people looking to go back to Earth, and then ascend back to a transfer ship. The transfer ships will also be optimized as a crewed transfer ship will leave later and travel faster than a cargo transfer ship. The thing is without these specialized ships it may not be practical to do the trip to Mars as there are just too many problems for a one size fits all ship to solve in any sort of reasonable manner.

    For reusing HLS Starship, the idea I have is to return to LEO using atmospheric skimming. The idea being you can start with a really elongated elliptical orbit when returning from the Moon and skim Earth's atmosphere at the perigee to lower the apogee. At least in a space game I played long ago probably on an 8-bit computer, this trick worked, but I think you can do it in real life and not get the ship hot enough to need a heat shield. Maybe go over the physics of this and prove it is possible with just a stainless steal haul with no extra heat protecting tiles. If you can get HLS Starship back to LEO, you can get it ready for another mission, gas it up, and send it directly to the Moon and make the Lunar Gateway look like a total waste, which it may prove to be. Especially if you are reusing HLS Starship, getting a crew rating may be easier and you will load the crew from say a Dragon V2 capsule in LEO, making SLS look like a total waste. Granted first Elon Musk and SpaceX need to prove they can make HLS Starship light enough to do the job as too much mass in insulation and such will cause it to be at best a one way lander as it won't have the delta-V to do anything else. If tanker Starship is also too heavy with insulation, it will also become a LEO thing because if the thing you use to hold the propellant is really heavy, the ending mass will be too high, killing delta-V and it takes a lot of delta-V in chemical rocket terms to get to other destinations in the solar system. At least surface area, which is what you consider for insulation, is a square factor where volume, which is what you consider for the amount of propellant you can hold, is a cubic factor, lending itself to economies of scale. Then again economies of scale is also where dedicated transfer ships come into play with other things such as radiation shielding as well as other advantages to making these large such as extra complex systems and things like artificial gravity.

  21. Professor Jay Tee says:

    From now on, when anything reaches orbit, it should never be considered 'disposable,' but rather a future resource for later reuse, or conversion of the materials into something else.

  22. sailorgeer says:

    Me: * watching the video on my smart device
    Marcus 21:30 “hey, it’s nice to put those smart devices away for an hour or two”
    Me: * feeling conflicted about whether to keep watching the vid vs. pausing to wait an hour or two

  23. MidwestNerd says:

    Are we gonna acknowledge spacex's contribution to Kessler syndrome? These mega constellations are going to ruin astronomy and eventually space travel

  24. Kamal Ali says:

    Really hope SLS just flies 3 times and then SLS is retired. The less the better. SLS doesn't help anyone except as "jobs for the boys" for politicians and space contractor companies.

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