THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Full Game) PC 4K 60fps cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

The Amazing Spider-Man PC 4K 60fps Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Full Game The Amazing Spider-Man Beginning to Ending all the Main Missions/Chapters
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Go beyond the movie to experience what it’s like to BE Spider-Man like never before.

Set shortly after the events of Columbia Pictures’ new film, The Amazing Spider-Man throws New York City’s brand new hero back into free-roaming, web-slinging action, as he protects the Big Apple from a deluge of unimaginable threats.

Experience the new Web Rush mechanic as Spidey twists his way through the NYC skyline with unprecedented speed and grace. The game’s original story also explores beautiful indoor environments, as you’ll encounter everything from skirmishes with everyday street thugs to pulse-pounding confrontations with Spider-Man’s most lethal foes.
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25 thoughts on “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Full Game) PC 4K 60fps Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. Blu DJ says:

    I now reached chapter 7 and I haven't bought any upgrades. That room at 3:04:39 honestly made be consider buying either damage or health but since I already got to chapter 7 without upgrades, it's turning into an upgradeless playthrough (at least for right now). For anyone having trouble with that room, the scientists' mutations also made them invulnerable, meaning that you can stand in the middle of them, web shoot the robots and then web throw them without needing to run around or dodge because the robots can't reach you.

    Also, if you're like me and playing this using a playstation controller and DS4w or something, I have a texMod on my channel that converts the XBOX buttons to PS4 buttons.

  2. rustyesh says:

    How can i get this game? Tried searching, but cant find anything.
    And it seems, im the only one who hasnt played or even heard about this game. 😛

  3. Kedar Collins says:

    i feel like posting a full let’s play in one video is a great idea for shorter games like this, especially when i’m sick like rn and can just watch a whole game lol

  4. HumourusLAV says:

    I don't know How long I have been following scott for! But this has to be the longest video he has ever posted and I love it!

  5. Arnav Bedi says:

    I remember legit screaming my head off playing such a smooth Spidey fr like I was not used to seeing such a well animated and rlly fun spiderman game pls

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