THE BEST MOBILE GACHA GAMES OF 2021!!! cùng tải và chơi game mobile miễn phí với Tải game mới ra.

A round up of some of the best mobile gacha games in 2021


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42 thoughts on “THE BEST MOBILE GACHA GAMES OF 2021!!! Game Mobile Hay Nhất

  1. musingsofmessa says:

    I have to say, the only thing that turned me away from PGR was no auto battle (that I know of). Like, what if I wanted to leave the app for a minute and auto farm resources?

  2. Afif says:

    I need a recommendation. I'm a very low spender. I like a game that doesn't take much time to do daily tasks. Probably a turn based game so that I can leave it and do other task simultaneously.

    I like the old exos. Good graphics and very generous for f2p.

  3. Ameryl says:

    Nexon is planning to release Global version of CounterSide

    And yeah… I relate to that gear problems well its a korean game anyway

  4. Neko Chan says:

    PGR and HI3 is the best gacha game for me😂Especially HI3 damn farming xtals that used in gacha supply is so ez the game don't force u to spend money unless ur simping on a specific character sad didn't reach lvl88 last anniv for free Snack Box that contains acrylic stand, snacks food, stickers and Thank You letter from Mihorny and i accidentally break the f2p wall and commit whale😂👌

  5. Bayonettamachinekill says:

    Azul lane frikin love it’s similar to revive in use of anime characters but it’s more about fleets. It’s incredible.


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  7. Drako Go says:

    Only one Ive played on the list was AlchemyStars. I would try the others on bluestacks but ive once used my laptop to play and it felt really inconvenient and I got tired easily. Oddly enough with alchemy stars, it runs really smooth on my phone (which is trash) in the low graphics mode, which is literally just taking off all the sexy effects of the battle grid, which to my surprise got rid of all the fps problems entirely. I'm a pretty casual player and AS not having a coop or PvP never bothered me. It being really generous yet balanced gacha system had me actually throw money at the game.

  8. Eisu says:

    Can't wait for honkai star rail and waiting for you to do the video. But still no announcement when is the release date so that's sad

  9. wander says:

    Counterside was a great game for me and the one that sticked the most, however, stopped playing after a while cuz it got kind of repetitive. I wish there was a bit more interaction in battle (like having the option of controlling one character or something) that can add another layer of depth and engagement.

  10. Abdul Qawiy says:

    I am a Summoners War player myself for 7 years now. Still playing it and quitting at the same time because when it comes to pvp, f2p player will get nothing and even if u spend your precious time farming, u still cant match the power of money.

    I found dislyte and hooked up to it just to forget SW. And u know what? There is a game that has similarities to both of them and just recently launched. It is Super String. Check em out and give your opinion on that.

  11. Suicide Sound says:

    Blue archive. Shards from summoning are only characters you already have and are used to increase character star level. You can farm shards daily and unlock characters or Increase star level too.

  12. M O says:

    Biggest problem with alchemy stars… Gameplay will become so repetitive that you stop loggin in due to the sheer amount of work you do. Dislyte is prolly the most improve one. They listen to us in discord with bugs and stuff. And i think lilith had enough of experience in afkarena to actually make a turn based rpg good. And yes end game is kind of meh but its enjoyable.

  13. Nathan Anderson says:

    Played all of these & alchemy stars comes out easily on top for me. It seems that you don’t really have a grasp on end game content. The end game content is quite large. There is the spire to climb fir each element & also the unlocking of legend units to then unlock the Elysium which is the top game end content. This is was happens when you play a game hardly at all & judge it. Plus they have brand new events every week & vary their events a lot as well & have brought new modes into the game. No one touches the colossus (house) system once it’s maxed which is not hard to do. Easily best if year to me

  14. Leo says:

    The 3 gacha games I’ve been playing from this year is PGR, Blue Archive and Revived Witch all 3 are great games imo. I have been wanting to try a couple more but just haven’t had the time to add more gacha’s to the daily list

  15. coderNerd says:

    Not what I was looking for, I don't care if the game came out in 2021 I just want know your favorite android games of all time 🙂

  16. Marsh 「QAQ」 says:

    Seeing as how u touch and go with all these great gacha games its not surprising how u havent made it to mid game content but if u wanted a game thats heavy on end game content im surprised u havent played Granblue Fantasy (tho theres no pvp)

  17. Ren kun says:

    I remembered playing counter side on release but my phone is lagging so I quit but I loved the story though might try coming back

  18. Patrik Westerlund says:

    I still play Counter side and I really like it, it's a bit more to do when a new update i coming but it's alright imo. I've tried Awaken Chaos Era and play it from time to time it's ok but it didn't really click for me.
    Still grinding Summoner War though too 🙂

  19. Uncle Soth says:

    MHA… They banned me without even listen me for cheating for abusing a bug.
    They never even replied to my emails and messages in which I asked to come and meet us and find a solution.
    I spent $1500 on that game, where the pull rate is pure scam, and I found myself banned with no possibility of replication.
    Honestly… I hope the company fails in the worst way, and I hope the people who work in that helpdesk end up begging for alms.
    They're fucking pieces of shit.

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