The ONE THING realistic games get so wrong cùng chơi game bắn súng miễn phí với Tải Game Miễn phí .

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43 thoughts on “The ONE THING realistic games get so wrong Game Bắn Súng Hay Nhất

  1. GrindyGames says:

    I've always wanted the chance to look at President Biden and say confidently infront of a recorded crowd in response to this "a 9mm bullet…. blows the lung out of the body"
    And say.
    "Sir. At the age 16, my rather skinny self suffered a gun shot wound by a 9mm in July, on the 30th 2020, in Glennwood Iowa at roughly 11:40 at night. This bullet would break my 6th rib in the front and the 10th in the back, blow a whole through my lung and deflate My diaphragm, aswell as tear a chunk from my liver. My lung was still very much IN my body. I'm no military trained or body dense individual, I was a 16 year old 130 pound 5'9" scrawny kid. And I was wearing no protection but my shirt. Silence your old ass."

  2. antonia milton says:

    They should make a Biden for tarkov. An event where you can only use lever actions tarkoving through a certain map to find Biden and then if you kill him you get free gas for your generator. Something like that.

  3. John Walker says:

    meh, games evolved so fast in such a huge scale and you bitching about smallest detail. It's a game!
    Dont like it? Get out the house and shoot a passer in the lungs to see if it blows out. Hope i helped. -_-

  4. Jaysin Block says:

    I think he meant it can throw pieces of your lung out of the targets exit wound. I've been a wartime medic for 16+ and I've seen single hollow point 9mm rounds do much worse damage than just lung ejection. Thanks Obama!

  5. Random Internet User says:

    So you don't understand ballistics or his hyperbole about how ballistics.
    Hope you never get a punctured lung to learn what he's talking about

  6. hello people says:

    Well of a bullet hits yo lung then technically it didn't blow your lung out cuz when someone gets shot in the head they got they head blown off

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