The Ultimate MMORPG Tier List – 2022 cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

This is my ultimate MMORPG tier list for 2022.
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My 2022 MMORPG Tier List:

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Cảm ơn anh em đã xem bài viết The Ultimate MMORPG Tier List – 2022 của Hy vọng bài viết giúp anh em có thể chơi Game PC miễn phí và thoải mái nhất.
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35 thoughts on “The Ultimate MMORPG Tier List – 2022 Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. Ivan Bnv says:

    you install BDO, don't stop autoplay, watch it play for 1min, uninstall!
    And because you always speak of it too highly and the avatar of this video, you owe us "The Ultimate Boobs in MMORPG in 2022!.. :)B

  2. Bell Cranel says:

    You have too many games in the C tier. Most people who make a tier list will take a good look at where they place everything and fix it to better represent which games are better than others. Also side note, you can’t just slide a game up or down just because you know people will be mad at you. Tell us it’s how you feel and until someone proves you wrong then you might make adjustments to your list. I can tell you 100% don’t like RuneScape, it belongs in the D or F tier okay it needs a lot of help and updates to compete with a game like Guild Wars and Black Desert. We are in 2022 stop vouching for these games with trash can graphics. They need to know their game, although it may have fun elements, needs to get with the times and at least polish up their game or launch a better version

  3. jetaro63 says:

    I'm not sure if you asked this in another video or this one, but the game that 1st got me into gaming was Space Invaders. The 1st game I played at home was Star Raiders on my Atari 800 computer. My first console was a NEC TurboGrafx-16 but quickly got a Sega Genesis when it came out a year later. The games that first got me into MMORPGs was Asheron's Call and Everquest in 1999.

  4. jetaro63 says:

    Do you like the band Styx? They used to be one of my faves lol. I agree with your list 99%. I would move GW2 down 1, and New World up 1.

  5. Cander 617 says:

    Swtor under black des and elder scrolls wow cant take that to serious. Somehow u have only good things to say yet you label it b teir makes no sense

  6. Zuke says:

    if GW2 had black desert combat and graphics it would be SS god tier game. but sadly it doesnt so i cant play it. bdo is for sure the best mmorpg game out for now in terms of combat, graphics and hours to put into it for end game but i can also agree that it isnt really a trinity mmorpg game so its not for everyone.

  7. uju uju says:

    Perfect World International will always be my S tier mmorpg especially on its peak years somewhere between 2009/2010. Everything on that game is nostalgic.

  8. Denguir Houssem says:

    BDO A tier Albion down there haha you must be a 20 year old guy with no old school mmo experience and have only known the new mmo bullshit to have such an opinion I'm sorry I'm pausing it here and leaving have a good day

  9. BG Resjek says:

    I played Mabinogi back when Alchemist was the new season. Early 2008 ish era. I've watched so many MMOs come along and die off. That was one that did not end and I'm impressed.

  10. Canny 7x says:

    LoL!! You got lost in STO?? OK, I guess that could happen. You rated Neverwinter as a 'C' but I had the first quest in the game bug out on me. So I quit and never went back. Just goes to show that not everyone has the same experience in some of these games.

    And IF you really wanted to give STO a second shot… Let me know. I have a Discord and might be able to help you get past your sticking point.

  11. MRoKHAOS says:

    There is a MMO. It is like a king when it first released on its genera. After years, ppl left cus the insane grinding coursed by the ridiculous enhance system. After years, new classes dropped, and the combat looks cool. You are back, and the combat still feels awesome in its own way. However you AFK again cuse the game feels dead, it will pretty much dead in months…few years later…few new classes dropped, looks cool, you are back again, combat still unique and feels satisfied….then you AFK again cuse it still feels dead, pretty much will dead in months you think….few years later…you saw new classes still dropping…then the cycle repeats……….10 years later……it still exist and dropping new badass classes……..yes………… used to be the King in action mmo genera…..VINDICTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just back to this game last week after years AFK😂😂😂😂😂😂 It amused me I got Delia to lvl 100 in 4 days even with the fking fatigue system(yeah…I am a crazy anti fatigue/energy system guy). I could imagine what pain in the ass will be like for end game gear progress with fatigue system. But, It is still worth to play the game and try different classes. The combat feels the same when it first released, unique, satisfy, cool, DMC like. I promise you, you will have a great time try out the game. The mission and milestone rewards will carry you all the way to 100, so you probably will got bored at beginning and only feel challenge after lvl 90. After lvl 95 the old hard core Vindictus will come back again. Got wracked by Acarna so many times last night😅😅😅😅😅😅

  12. Destiny Marie says:

    blade and soul was good but after like 1 year of playing the launcher just wouldnt launch the game and over 2 pc's it stiopped downloadiung the game entirely…

  13. The Conquistador says:

    Lost Ark definitely reinvigorated the MMO genre, I wasn't really an mmo fan till I played it and the combat is so satisfying

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