Top 10 Best Digimon Games cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

Important: I use JP terms, so Ultimate = Mega, and Perfect = Ultimate.

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35 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Digimon Games Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. Princess Moon says:

    I love playing Digimon:Cyber Sleuth complete edition on my Switch,I like the various data entries for every Digimon I have and I like naming my Digimon after my celebrity crushes or TV show characters.

  2. Marching Trombley says:

    I completely disagree with your top 5. Cyber sleuth would be my #5. Digimon world 4 for #4. Digimon world 1 for #3. Digimon world next order for #2. Digimon world 3 for #1.

  3. Abraham Khafajy says:

    ALL digimon games suck, maybe the online one was the only good one but it was heavily based on pay to win concept
    the rest of the games just killed the entire fun, either it is filled with useless boring dialog or the gameplay is just a grind and boring experience or it is missing all digimons

    THE only good game was "digimon rumble arena 2" for psp and maybe digimon world 4

  4. Wolf Kaiser says:

    Re Digitize may be the best one yet currently I'm playing hacker's memory then waiting to play survive and yes Digimon 3 is one of the top games

  5. Ryan Nelson says:

    I've played both Cyber Sleuth titles, Next Order, and World: Dawn, but I was planning to check out World DS and some of the others sometime, including possibly Survive. I've been sleeping on this franchise for a long time, but I'm glad there's plenty of solid stuff out there for me to explore.

  6. Sandbox0022 says:

    enjoyed the video gave me a lot of nostalgia. One minor petpeve of mine personally, doesn't take away from the video. calling the "ultimate forms" when referring to the Mega digivolutions. Ultimate is its own evolution lower than mega.

  7. Anthony Dolbec says:

    Favorite, while not on your list, has been mentioned throughout the comments, lol. DW2 was something for the few times I played. Did play that Card Game game on PS1 and liked it as well. Now I really need to motivate myself to make stream on Twitch and try the Cyber Sleuth game.

  8. Foam Forest says:

    God I remember getting into emulation for the first time a long time ago and I used to play battle spirit 1 and 2 all the time. Good times… terriermon was my favorite

  9. Ulquiorra Cifer says:

    Digimon World 1, hands down best Digimon game of all time
    Had they expanded on that roster, the story, and made File City even bigger, that concept could have beaten out Pokemon. All the specifics on raising your Digimon and the variety of evolutions you could get, the depth of the game and story, the satisfaction of watching the city progress as you recruit others, the semi automated battle system – all so good. Will forever be one of my favorite childhood games

  10. WhiteRaito says:

    My favourite is still cybersleuth due to the recent graphic and fun making build against the 7 deadly sins digimon. Have not played hackers memories because it looked like a dlc added and some more digimon.

    The 2nd one is redigitize because its like digimon world but it feels like less of a chore. I still dislike the death system from world 1 esp it takes time if your digimon died before you fight the boss. The same problem is on next order as well. But redigitize is just short and sweet.

    3rd one is rumble arena just because its dumb fun to play with friends cousins etc.

    Honorable mentions are digimon world 3 idk i liked it a lot and card battle.

    I kinda wanted to try dusk and dawn but when you cannot see your digimon attacking kinda turned me off. Thinking of doing survive but i do not like the visual novel elements that much. I prefer to have a good dungeony explorations with turn based team building like cybersleuth. For me those dying system is a pain in the ass lol

  11. Distantone says:

    Dw2 didn't even rank. Oof. I get it though, the level grinding is so insane I thought my copy was broken when my digimon didn't level past 11

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