Top 10 Best MMORPG Android VOTED By Players 2022 cùng tải và chơi game mobile miễn phí với Tải game mới ra.

Ranking the #best #MMORPG on #Android 2022 voted by players, enjoy and drop a like!

Best Gaming Phone 2021/2022
Asus ROG 5
Nubia Red Magic 5S
Black Shark 3
Best Gaming Tablet 2021/2022
Ipad Pro 2021
Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Best Controllers 2021/2022
Steelseries Stratus Duo
Backbone One
8bitdo Pro 2

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Best MMORPG Android VOTED By Players 2022 Game Mobile Hay Nhất

  1. Brandon Hernandez says:

    Are there any games where you get stat points per level or every few levels? I've always wanted to make a luck build for the meme I think it would be pretty enjoyable.(I mean any mobile android games)?

  2. kuba dołgowski says:

    Most of these new MMOs are bland and stale. Tbh only Albion Online makes something unique for mobile but for PC its normal. Player driven economy, no pay to win, stuff like that. Its cool. But sometimes that gets stale and repetetive or just the artstyle bores you so you try to go and find something new. And discover that a female two handed wielding straight sword is something you cannot find anywhere.

    Like honestly I only wanted to play like I play in most RPG games but no game offers this. Every time its either curved swords only and the game is way over the top or female characters for some reason are locked to magic users only

  3. Sonido noctivago Sello independiente says:

    Black Desert has the most aggressive auto of all mmorpgs on mobile, Wok or world of kings is a 100% p2w mmorpg, you have no chance against donors, the only one worth it is AQ3D is 100% f2p and very competitive

  4. alvin key Montalba says:

    Albion Online is the best for me. I've played in PC and Mobile…. But if you don't like PvP games. Albion Online is not for you… Albion focused on PvP, another thing is its full loot PvP.

  5. Dreghiciu Sergiu says:

    Problem players have whit world of kings is they dont undarstand this game is a maratona not a sprint,start play and after 1 week whant to be in top ratings,nah mmorpg dont worck as this

  6. Depressed Kid says:

    Can u suggest me an anime mmorpg game with party system like coop i wanna play with my friend and levelup together its ok if its not anime too

  7. napalm11 says:

    NO MORE CHINESE THEEEME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1) you lack of outfits, armors helmets weapons, decoration stuff that gives also GS (power) like wings of eagle or deamon or bone or many other phantasy creature wings or robes ..for warriors ,mages…etc and mythology mounts. Also more than 200 mounts could please everyone from land to air and sea

    2) lack of huge wonderful places with beautiful and unique landscape scenes (under water kingdoms like Poseidon Kingdom , Atlantis or caves underwater to explore)

    3) lack of incredible and fantastic epic dungeons, battlefields, tournaments and rewards of them each one special gifts -rewards depending on level/GS of them
    4) lack of beauty of quests (we see in every chinese rpg only ..kill kill kill with no meaning ..just kill.. no scenarios no plot or nice quest). An mmo rpg must be never been boring ..That's mean that no matter the level and GS you got , daily quests (repeatable) must also have rewards and the daily must have nice quests

    5) lack of festivals / events, every season ..winter ..spring …celebrations etc.. and awesome rewards from gold coins crystals runes … and other rare stuff like diamonds ,rings of power.

    So every player will have opportunities for dailies and festivals and great rewards on them while wonders around in beautiful mighty giantic lands and have time for other ordinary daily things like fusion like craft placing nice stuff and cool things to decorate and level up our characters or give power effects like fire around you or crystal or wind or fog IDK. So every day new things will follow while dailies give great rewards from quests or bosses or finding treasure or playing battlefields and tournaments or farm your favorite precious stuff for your mount or your character

    6) Also other things like Runes and other cool stuff like powerful crystals to manage and grand-level and give chances to our characters and exchange them with rare mythic and gold important stuff

    7) Also cards to handle them and increasing characters powers it would be cool. For example killing world bosses or just daily or time boss you can have great rewards and take fragments from there to increase the power of fire, or rain, water, shadow, wind, rocks magic, god powers IDK

    Many many things that you guys never placed in any mobile mmo rpg style world of warcraft or LOTR or skyrim, Narnia, themes …

    8) Also lack of chests and treasure inside is terrible for any adventure rpg theme…!!!

    All time we see Only themes of china like I play pokemon or craps like dragonball … MMORPG: means style of European mythology most , like warhammer , world of warcraft, skyrim .. god of war… LOTR stuff etc…! ! !

    So place Mythologies and Lands from hellenic norse egyptian chinese mythology to. .. What is most epic to see at night time a flying dragon passing upon snowing mountains or a medieval city full of crowd and fires everywhere from lights and fly with a griffin or floating on ocean surface or a giantic lake with a lochness monster or in the deeps of the ocean kill or mount kraken or be a pirate in a Jack sparrow theme ship to find treasure or travel with it through the global map Lands and Continents!!

    Also none never placed sea and underwater quests or Lands to explore and take chests or kill bosses inside.

    None just none 🙂

    So your chinese games will last 2-4 -8 weeks .. just boring and the same with the only good the great graphics and animations. But they are not them the stuff that make an immortal mmorpg to live forever.

    All the other and previous above I mentioned are the key step by reading them to create the most unique MMORPG ever created even better than WOW!

    I've seen thousands and thousands and played more than 38 different mmo rpg in my life from pc to here (mobiles) and none ever was so unique. But the things above are the Key to have the Best of the Best classic rpgmmo mobile game ever and maybe pc ever!!

  8. Alphaze says:

    It's a bout a year now and albion mobile still haven't fixed freezing. This is a problem of many even with having an high end spec mobile

  9. Ⅸ.「せいこ」 says:

    What's more about Toram, its very F2P friendly since Asobimo is very generous with their gifts after livestream (enter a code) lots of collabs (like Miku or Re:Zero) and no auto play at all (yes not even at farm, u can even get banned for autoclicker)

    However, its not particularly newbie friendly, its quite hard to start from scratch, you'll be needing a guild to do somr decent progress

    It requires 64 bit system and can be played via PC too (Steam/official site download)

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