Top 15 PC games of the early 2000's (Nostalgia!) cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

Today I’m going through my top 15 PC games of the early 2000’s – an era of gaming that inspired me to work in the gaming industry as I do today. Let me know what your favourite game from the early 2000’s was in the comments below – doesn’t need to be a PC game!


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32 thoughts on “Top 15 PC games of the early 2000's (Nostalgia!) Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. Mlata Zamlata says:

    Just want to say that is a beautifull video and thank you for making it. From some games i played myself a can see that you captured feel of game with such few words and gameplay. Rankings doesnt really matter and its probably reason for many dislakes, so fuck those people and have a nice day

  2. Zachary Dellamano says:

    How can Starcraft not be near the top, let alone not on the list? It's so good that the multiplayer community is still active, and professional circuits are still in existence. HUGE oversight.

  3. WraXsTeR says:

    Top notch!!! Amazing list! 💗. Loved every bit of it. ! Commandos, CAC generals, Warcraft, Diablo 2. Heart goes out to these games. Does Rise of nations and Rollercoaster Tycoon come in the same era ??

  4. Alan Deli says:

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  5. Smokey Yunick says:

    You forgot EverQuest 2022 40 years old single have a $10k usd sim rig in my basement a $4300 ( first PC I’ve ever bought last PC I built was in 2003 ) basically super computer, man coming from a single core athlon I wanna say it was a 3.2ghz with 1.75gb of ddr2 at 533mhz ( I would scrounge the ram from my moms old PC’s I had three free sticks 2 256mgb and 1 128mgb from gateways I also had a 1GB stick of 800mhz but when you mix It defaults to the lowest sticks speed ) and a Radeon 512mgb 9800 was a good pc them for what I spent building it ( $500usd ) I had a wife at the time so had to build her a gaming PC as well so that was less money for my build and when I got done she wanted my PC I was like uhh I built that one for you this one for me she’s like well you only spent $400 on hers I went with a 256mgb 9800 1GB of 800mhz ram ( before we divorced I upgraded her to 1.5gb of ram ) a cheap case 250w PSU I needed a 500W for future upgrades that ever happened plus I got 2 really fast 7200rpm HDD I put a good 5400 rpm hdd in hers a 20gb I put a 10gb and 40gb in my pc I ran windows off the 10gb drive and my games off the 40GB drive that helped with game performance back then but even with one hdd and a smaller GPU for it’s time her PC woulda sold in stores like Best Buy for $1500+ easy my mom was buying crappy Intel systems with IGPU’s and APU’s for over $2000 I remember she wanted me to put a GPU in a gateway that was a pain in my rear and she wanted a slave hdd put in somehow they disabled the second Sata port or it was bad I checked the bios it was fine she got mad at me I did nothing I always wear an ESD strap I even proved it to her by taking the hdd with her OS on it and plugging it into that port and the computer booted up and said no bootable media found she finally believed me then and started buying Dells which was just as bad and always Intel celeron she though they were the best on the market $2000 back in the 90’s on a celeron PC my mom was stupid I’m glad she’s finally dead

  6. LowLight says:

    Watching this reminds me of a pc game where you control 3 fire teams and you can tell them where to go, I think it was set in Iraq but I can't remember the games title

  7. Jes D says:

    definitly not my list agreed with a couple but holy crap deus ex i bought played for 10 minutes and fell asleep what a snooze fest no q3a or doom or racing games think your little too guided to rts but too all there own

  8. Qusyairi says:

    Can someone know old open world that can use space ship, land on ground, and that game have a huge spaceship that we go and explore, and a island that be can land and explore with foot or vehicles

  9. Akash. M. says:

    Can, anyone helpe out, with finding my childhood game, I used to play, (we used to play the character of man, and doing hole in the tiles and the ghost would fall down then would move further) can anyone tell me the game name

  10. Alan Deli says:

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