Top 30 New PC Games of 2021 cùng tải và chơi game PC miễn phí với Tải game.

Top 30 New PC Games of 2021

00:00 – Days Gone

00:28 – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

01:08 – Resident Evil: Village

01:43 – Subnautica: Below Zero

02:10 – SnowRunner

02:40 – Hood: Outlaws & Legends

03:10 – Scavengers

03:41 – Total War: ROME REMASTERED

04:14 – Predator: Hunting Grounds

04:53 – NieR Replicant

05:33 – Devil Slayer – Raksasi

06:05 – UNBEATABLE [white label]

06:43 – Farm Manager 2021

07:14 – CryoFall

07:44 – Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager

08:14 – Warpips

08:44 – Gas Station Simulator: Prologue – Early Days

09:20 – Torque Drift

09:50 – Tiny Bunny

10:17 – Lost Ruins

10:34 – HUNTDOWN

11:04 – Almighty: Kill Your Gods

11:45 – The Last Town: Excape

12:18 – Insurmountable

12:42 – Crypto Mining Simulator

13:10 – Dread Hunger

13:36 – MotoGP™21

14:07 – GangV | Civil Battle Royale

14:29 – Cloud Cutter

14:57 – R-Type Final 2

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48 thoughts on “Top 30 New PC Games of 2021 Game PC Miễn Phí

  1. Didy_Gaming says:

    Halo infinate, New World (okok), Monster Hunter Rise, Forza, Far Cry 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, Valheim, Neir Replican, Endwalker, Outriders.. no mention of any of these but you consider Gas Station Simulator as a Top New Game? Terrible list lol

  2. StinkyOWL says:

    what's the point of having a pc if you're gonna play this anime crap just get one of those hand held tetris machines i bet they can run most of this garbage

  3. Cool Breeze says:

    why are game devs so stupid. we dont want snes games in 2021 ok. stop. in the future, dont even give these games the time of day. dont let them think we care, so they stop wasting their time on these stupid things and actually focus on triple a products

  4. Grégory Chundoo says:

    There is a game in development and you can still test the game . So lemme know if you would like to test and share it . 😀

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