Top Ten Best PS2 Racing Games cùng chơi game đua xe với Tải Game Miễn phí .

Stuck on what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as they list and discuss ten of the greatest Playstation 2 racing games the system ever received. Many great racers released for the PS2 so let us know your top 10 best PS2 racing games down below!

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45 thoughts on “Top Ten Best PS2 Racing Games Game Đua Xe

  1. ⛈️Outer Heaven⛈️ says:

    3:31 txrd2 is probably my favorite racing game on the ps2. Incredible physics. The variety of cars, customization of everything, even the license plate. The tuning mechanics alone in txrd2 stands in a league of its own. Fun story too! Txrd2 taught me how to be a better driver. Pretty sure I am alive today because of what I learned in txrd2

  2. David Miller says:

    I've always cringed a little when people call Outrun a "racing game"… lol

    I still pop this into my PS2 from time to time though. Once you get the drift mechanics and the tracks down, this becomes what it truly is: a kick-ass driving game to kinda go into a zen mode while playing. 😀

  3. Vlay says:

    motor storm arctic edge is my favourite racing game of all time
    we need a new one with different phisics in acceleration and cornering but same in the air and similar maps to arctic edge (best maps ever)

  4. Jimmy Brooks says:

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27)
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  5. Lukegamer says:

    These are great racing games:
    Atv offroad fury 1,2,4
    Jak x combat
    Midnight club 3
    Need for speed hot pursuit 2
    Gran turismo concept
    Splashdown rides gone wild
    Wrc evolved

  6. The Lonely Vagabond says:

    Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero will always be my favorite ps2 racing game ever. The drift games are ok, but Zero feels like real street racing, and the amount of cars is insane!

  7. JorgeAraujo97 says:

    It's amazing how all these games still hold up very nicely in the visuals and gameplay. Heck, some are even better than current gen stuff.

  8. Kayunderground says:

    – Need for Speed
    – Tokio Xtreme Racer
    – Burnout
    – Wipeout
    – Gran Turismo
    – Colin McRae
    – Atv Offroad Fury
    – Flatout
    – Nascar

    Juegos Sueltos:
    – Juiced
    – Shox
    – Outrun 2006
    – Midnight Club Dub Edition
    – Corvette
    – Toca Race Driver 3
    – Road Rage 3
    – Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge
    – Motorstorm
    – Stock Car Speedway
    – Crash n Burn

    El orden no tiene relevancia.

  9. Apophis STR says:

    One of the must have PS2 racing game imo is Racing Battle C1 Grand Prix. It was made by the same dev who made the Shutokou & Kaido series, and it is the most complete title they've made along with their final installment of Kaido Battle.

  10. kenny hankins says:

    Gran Turismo 3 gran Turismo 4 need for speed hot pursuit 2 need for speed underground 2 crash nitro kart are my favorite racing games on ps2

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