TorqueDrift PC – Now Playable w/WHEEL! First Wheel Impressions!! cùng chơi game đua xe với Tải Game Miễn phí . Discount

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Standing L Shape Studio Desk

Wheel Setup #1
Thrustmaster TX-XW Base
Thrustmaster Rally Wheel Add-on
T3PA Pro Pedals (Inverted)
TH8A Shifter w/Short Shifter
Thrustmaster Sparco Handbrake
Next Level Racing GT Track Rig

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Wheel Setup #2
Fanatec V2.5 Base
Clubsport wheel Add-on
CSL Pedals w/Load cell brake
Wheelstandpro Custom chassis
Fanatec Handbrake
Derek Speare Designs Button Box

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Music Used by
Chuki HipHop –

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45 thoughts on “TorqueDrift PC – Now Playable w/WHEEL! First Wheel Impressions!! Game Đua Xe

  1. Anthony says:

    Has anyone actually beat the sponsor ( supercharge 3) which is a 150,000 lead on the slab rev rad 9 , I can get 160k+ in practice but the sponsor challenge doesn’t give you clean run bonus , I don’t understand how it’s possible . I can run 165,000 point run in practice but without the clean lead bonus it’s only like 115,000 in the sponsor challenge

  2. Hezyy Hyena says:

    So I play on ps4 and I did happen to pick up the new Logitech G923 and Car X has been working for me pretty well for me. Also, don't you still have that low torque chip that came with that wheel?

  3. StyleFactory DontFit says:

    As fsr as game intro. Tokyo extreame racer zero. Tokyo extreame racer 3. Tokyo extreame racer drift *intro literally won an award for bein so amazing*. Tokyo extreame racer drift2. And the official d1 game.. oooohhh the gran turismo 4 intro.. basicly jdm based car games of the ps2 era had the best intros hands dowm 😂🤣😂

  4. Fletzer says:

    On the mobile version we have a bug that doesnt let you have control over the game volume like i tried to turn the music off but then it doesnt turn off and the pc players have the same issue with the force feedback the devs needs to step their game up

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